The circumcision controversy

This is a 3,500 year old Jewish tradition. The Brit Milah, (circumcision procedure performed on an 8 day old Jewish baby boy) does not emotionally scar a child. Now I couldn’t say that about the mohel performing it. There are many successful Jewish men who were circumcised. They don’t seem to be adversely affected by the tradition. Many have children so obviously the lack sexual functionality doesn’t come into play. It is a mitzvah and a requirement for a Jewish boy to be circumcised. Why after 3,500 years is there so much concern? Is it because non-Jews are having their male children circumcised? Are people begining to feel uncomfortable with this and in fear of catching a case of Jeweroo? Look, stay out of the Jewish trousers and if you don’t want your boys to be circumcised, don’t have it done. Simple as that. It isn’t being forced on non-Jewish children. Genisis 17:11, 12 and 13 are pretty explicit. It is part of the Abrahamic covenant with God.

As far as that pathetic cartoon “Foreskin Man”, all I have to say is that free speech comes into play here. Matthew Hess is a creative moron. His comics are blatantly anti-Semitic. However, if this is the Mein Kamph of the anti- Semitic call to ban circumcision, then so be it. You cannot outlaw this garbage. Just understand that not everyone agrees on everything. Hess is making a quick buck and letting everyone know he is satisfied with the ant-eater winkie.