Race or Police

This isn’t about Freddie Gray. This is all about race and an attempt by Progressive Socialists to weaken our constitutional republic and create a police state.

First off, there is a serious problem with the federalization of local police departments and a serious increase of the abuse of many citizens by police throughout our country. This is the plan of the new Progressive Socialist administration in place right now.

The new Progressive Socialist federal government is not only arming and equipping local police with military weapons, vehicles and gear, they’re working side by side with them in many cities. This goes far beyond preparing and training local police for potential terrorist attacks.

Thanks to cellphones, dash cams, surveillance and police bodycams, the abuse of citizen taxpayers by police officers is awakening the people. It also exposes good and just police officers who actually do their job properly.

Most abuse of citizens by police would be diminished if officers were required to take extensive training on the Constitution of the United States, including the reading of the Federalist Papers. Instead of trying to work their way around the constitution, they should be obedient to it. There is a reason why they swear an oath.

As much as I criticize criminal and unjust police actions, I believe that our republic is based on the rule of law and that there is a necessity for police and law enforcement. I also believe that every state and their communities need to have their own police departments.

The constitution gives each state the rights to govern their communities as long as the laws they have are constitutional. The tenth amendment gives states the opportunity to govern as the people of that state see fit.

The constitution does not give the federal government the right to police anything but federal property. Their sole purpose is to maintain the federal government and make sure we have a military to protect us as well as to assure that the state governments are obedient to the constitution.

Over time the federal government has created police forces. They are much bigger since the Patriot Act was created. These so-called federal police agencies are training and equipping local police. Local police are using heavy military gear and vehicles fit for more than just local policing. It’s nothing short of federalizing the police.

In every riot occurring in the last few years, it was supposed to be about the abuse and killing of black citizens by local police officers. I believe that there is abuse of all citizens by police nationwide and not just against black people.

The reason why the black communities are the only ones rioting and destroying their cities is because it’s part of the Progressive Socialist agenda. Cause anarchy to break down the local governments so that federal law enforcement can begin to administer and replace officials with ones who will pander to the feds.

Whether the six police officers recently charged with the death of Freddie Gray are guilty or not, they represent what many blacks consider ‘white police out to get blacks’, even though three of the police officers were black.

Reverend Al Sharpton recently commented that all law enforcement should be federalized. Ex Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz is blaming the whites of America for the oppression of blacks and the abuse of blacks by police. He also blames Jews. The New Black Panthers are challenging their supporters on social media to step on and stomp the American flag.

The abuse of citizens by police will not stop with violent protests, it will only empower the Progressive Socialist federal government to federalize or influence local police agencies.

It’s obvious that over many decades the growing Progressive Socialists have intentionally thrown money and entitlements to the black communities and offered federal programs that are useless and only kill dreams of success. They are being used and played as pawns. They are being told that white people are keeping them from moving up in life. They are being used by people like Al Sharpton who makes them think they are victims. Black youth is angry. They’ve been let down in the most free nation in the world. They hate whites and the blacks who have become successful because they saw through the progressive smokescreen. So when so-called leaders like Sharpton, Shabazz and the New Black Panthers come in, they gravitate towards them. Now that Baltimore has been virtually burned and destroyed, it will be difficult to get businesses back to invest in the community and create jobs.

I question any incident of police abuse where Al Sharpton is brought in. I question the Gray incident after listening to the mayor, city council members and the activist prosecutor. I will hold my opinion on these police officers as did this during the Michael Brown death and it turned out the officer was not guilty.

Though there are many incidents of abuse by police officers, It would be ignorant to say that every police officer condones the actions of a few. I also believe that the good police officers would be more than happy to arrest the bad ones and would never want to be part of any federalized police force.

Enforcing the constitution by electing officials who will support it. Using your voice, recording the police, police wearing bodycams and forcing our elected officials to extend the training of police officers to include extensive training in the Constitution of the United States may be a useful first step in fixing this problem but I’m not an expert.

I’m just giving my opinion and suggestion to approach this issue.

All Americans have the freedom to move about in our republic without being harassed. We have the right to assemble and to speak up when necessary. The police have the right to defend themselves from people rioting and throwing stones or objects at them. We cannot allow the breakdown of local communities so that the federal government could say we cannot manage without them.