Hamas in Miami




Another Exodus

(Jim Nutting) As I am very vocal in defense of Israel and Jews, I cannot be silent about what is happening to the Chaldeans in Iraq. Like the Jews in Israel, the Christians in Iraq are being threatened to leave their land. They were there long before the Muslims. Over many years they have lost so much, even their Aramaic language which was replaced by Arabic. Isis is forcing them to leave, pay an Islamic tax (jisya), convert or die. Christians are being beheaded, shot and crucified. Thank God France and Sweden have offered them a place to go. Jews have a land and country with a great and powerful army. Chaldean Iraqi Christians had their land stolen by the Muslims. Until I recently had the opportunity to talk to some local Iraqi Christians I was ignorant to their situation. Our religious beliefs are very different but my heart goes out to their suffering. The ones here in the US are enjoying their freedoms while their families are in their time of Exodus. They are so far from their home and family and the worry is overwhelming. There is a common monster shared by Christians and Jews that needs to be stopped and defeated.

My concern

My concern is this, I’m hoping that this whole thing isn’t just a plan to have Hamas exhaust Israel of its military resources so Iran can mass a huge attack from behind. It’s obvious that Hamas isn’t in this for the so – called Palestinian cause. They are playing the Palestinians big time. Hamas is all about Iran. That’s just my thought of the moment.