Former U.S. Marine war veteran held captive in Mexican prison

Jim Nutting- Lance Cpl. Jon Hammer was traveling to Costa Rica in a motor home. He crossed over the Mexican border from Texas in mid-August.

Hammer reported a .410 bore shotgun which was a family heirloom. The rifle was regularly used for shooting birds.

Obviously the rifle is far from a any weapon used by Mexican crime organizations. Mexican law enforcement arrested Hammer and he is now locked down in a Matamoros prison.

It is reported that fellow prisoners from Los Zetas, a major Mexican crime organization who were once elite Mexican Army commandos and broke away from the military in 1999 to work for the Gulf Cartel. The Zetas then broke away from them and formed their own powerful drug trafficking cartel. The Zeta crime organization are reported to be involved in drug trafficking, people smuggling, kidnapping and extortion.

According to McClatchy DC, Zetas have called Hammer’s parents in South Florida and asked for a ransom.

Florida’s senior U.S. senator Bill Nelson tried to contact Mexican ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan but did not get a response. It wasn’t until later that they talked on the phone and Sarukhan said he was working on it.

Personally, I have no confidence in the the Mexican government or their so-called law enforcement. The U.S. government has pumped so much taxpayer money into Mexico to fight drug crimes. The Mexican government were sucking their thumbs the whole time their elite army commandos sold out to the cartel. Americans have been treated poorly in Mexican prisons and jails for decades. Americans are expected to pay for humane treatment while in their custody.

Why are we still supporting this drug war? It is corrupting both the U.S. and Mexican governments and keeping these cartels in power. It’s all about “supply and demand”. Guns going south and drugs coming north, it’s become a well oiled machine.

This 27 year old marine should be the last straw. We should boycott Mexico completely until he is safely released. We need to put the brakes on this well oiled machine by legalizing drugs, all drugs. Again, it’s all about supply and demand.