Freedom of Speech? I remember that

  1. I thought the movie “Innocence of Muslims”  was made by mentally challenged people. I understand the point being made in this article though.

    Since 9/11 and the patriot act, so many of our freedoms have been attacked by those in our government who thinks we can just shelf our liberty and Constitution for some temporary safety. They feel up grandma and the children at the airport, set up check-points within our borders for any reason under the sun, they are putting more and more regulations on our rights for individual gun ownership and now that the door is open, they can use the patriot act for warrant-less searches and crap that never would have been acceptable years ago. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

    Now they can do all kinds of stuff to keep us “safe” like telling us what to eat, where to smoke, how much noise comes out of our bikes and when riding our motorcycles, the proper helmet to wear. For the last two items they do that through “motorcycle specific safety checkpoints”. Law enforcement has an almost open checkbook from federal homeland security funding. I might be getting off track somewhat but it is relevant. Though deep down inside me I think this guy should be tarred and feathered for making such a dumb movie as should some producers of reality shows that really suck. However, this is America and these things are protected under the first amendment. Al Qaeda Muslims won big time when they attacked us. It wasn’t the physical attack damage alone, it was the damage dome to our liberty and freedoms. They managed to put a hurting on the most important things we hold as Americans, FREEDOM. They managed to hurt our day to day lives for years. Just because bin Laden is dead, the war is NOT over.

    Al Qaeda is not crushed as our president believes. They are just stepping back like they did from the World Trade Center attack in 1993 until the World Trade Center, Pentagon attack in 2001. Our Muslim enemy is not stupid. If they arrest this clown for the film, where will the attack on free speech end? This will be another win for our Muslim enemy. They will have managed to change our once precious freedom of speech forever. This guy is pathetic and not a film professional. He is probably retarded in some way. He should not be arrested for making this movie unless he was put up to it by the Muslim terrorists themselves to incite the anti-American movement. If it was his idea alone, he has as much right making it as you do for disagreeing with this article and your freedom to comment on it.