Official search suspended for lost desert hiker

Story by Pauline Repard Tuesday, April 17, 2012

EAST COUNTY — Sheriff’s search and rescue volunteers have suspended their search for a 25-year-old San Diego man apparently lost amid the barren Anza-Borrego Desert mud caves since Easter.

Guillermo Piño Jr., 25, had been exploring caves with one of his two sisters, her husband, and two friends when he went off by himself, barefoot and not carrying water or a cellphone, sheriff’s officials said.

The caves are near Arroyo Tapiado, a desolate region east of Canebrake and Vallecito Creek off county road S-2.

The family searched on their own for several hours, then reported him missing the evening of April 8. Scores of trained searchers from several Southern California counties, outdoor enthusiasts and friends spent most of the daylight hours since then scouring caves, canyons and washes for a sign of Piño.

“A search is never really cancelled until we find the person,” sheriff’s search and rescue team Sgt. Don Parker said Tuesday. “It’s suspended until we have more information about when we can search in a better location and in a better way.”

Parker said his unit’s involvement was suspended on Sunday, but some deputies will search periodically when they can. A team of San Bernardino County sheriff’s search and rescue volunteers combed one more area on Monday.

The ground search covered more than 60 square miles and helicopters covered 80 square miles, but concentrated on a smaller area in the center, Parker said.


Ohio Prisoners Forced to Follow Strict Islamic Diet to Appease Muslims

In order to alleviate the complaints of some Muslims, a former Navy chaplain who fights to defend religious freedom says Ohio prisons are forcing all inmates to adhere to a strict Islamic diet.

A federal judge recently threw out prisoner James Rivers’ lawsuit against Ohio Prison director Gary Mohr’s decision to ban pork from kitchens in all prisons under control of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. That was Mohr’s solution when Muslims threatened a lawsuit, demanding that they be served strict “halal” meals.

Former Navy Chaplain Dr. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who runs The Pray In Jesus Name Project, reports that Judge James S. Guin ruled the prison’s no-pork diet does not violate the Constitution. But he points out that Christian inmates have no dietary rights. “This is another example of the Islamicization of America. It’s establishing Islam as the state religion of the prison system,” Klingenschmitt contends.

“The judge’s reasoning is this: He said as long as all of the prisoners are forced to eat the same food, then there’s no discrimination taking place. In other words, if he enforces Muslim law equally, then there’s no establishment of religion. I think that’s wrong, and I pray this is overturned on the appeal.”

This is another reason Klingenschmitt is encouraging believers to sign his online petition urging Congress to pass HR 973 in order to stop activist judges from enforcing sharia law in American courts.