Let me get this right

Let me get this right, a copy of the Koran was accidentally burned. Barak Hussein Obama according to the AP, apologized for this as two American troops are murdered by Islamics wearing Afghan military uniforms. Obama told Afghan president Hamid Karzai that the U.S. “will take appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence to include holding accountable those responsible”. The two Afghan murderers were in the Afghan army! This is beyond the burning of a Koran, this is an act of war. The killing was intentional and Karzai knows it. Obama is on his knees. This is really a bad sign. Afghanastan is a piss-ant country and we have wasted time and brave troops there. There is nothing of value in the land of rocks. There is no fight for freedom because Muslims will never be free. They declared war on us in the name of their so-called religion. They are our enemy and will never be our friends. Obama is hiding behind the reputation of our brave Navy Seals right now and it’s no different than those clowns running around with military awards they never really earned or deserved. Some of them never even served in our armed forces, like our alleged president. Al Qaeda leaders were killed by the military, not Obama.