Town at war: older immigrants vs. newer ones

This article says very little about the fact that the majority of these folks are “illegal immigrants”, they are referred to as “migrants”. Unlike legal immigrants who have worked very hard to obtain their status as resident aliens and citizens of our country, these folks took a short-cut.

Routinely Americans are criticized for treating our native indigenous people unfairly. Unfortunately that was once the truth. Thankfully things have changed as our republic evolved. In Mexico however, indigenous people like the Oaxacans are treated as a very low class of people. It’s hard enough for non indigenous Mexican citizens to make a decent living under such a corrupt government and alongside a violent drug cartel. It is really hard for the indigenous.

Understandably the Oaxacans and other indigenous people of Mexico and Central America would want to come to the USA. The difference in culture, tradition, language and lack of formal education makes it hard to melt into our society. They become victims and criminals just travelling to America. They spend their life savings or become indebted to the coyotes by carrying drugs over the border in order to cross. They are often robbed, raped and beaten in the process of “migrating” or arrested by brutal Mexican police.

When they get here the trek to small towns like Greenfield are almost as difficult. They blend into the towns and often populate them quickly. Many are able to find “slave labor” making less then half of what an American citizen or resident would earn, which is better then what they had.

Those who cannot find or keep work for one reason or another turn to alcohol, drugs and crime. Gangs saturate some of the youth and anger turns towards American society. Americans are then blamed for not giving them a fair chance, even though they are criminally trespassing, draining the social service systems, hospitals and public school districts. The “migrants” as described in the article, become an annoyance on the towns who see their communities breaking-down.

One can be sympathetic to their situation, however we are not responsible. Small towns like Greenfield and all over the country are suffering through this horrible economic disaster that congress and so many of our past presidents caused. The lack of immigration enforcement is creating a bigger slave population then we already have now and burdening our country. Instead of invading our communities and draining local resources, why don’t they stand up to their tyrannical government? The Mexican government arrogantly criticizes our cities and states who want to put a halt on illegal immigration when the Mexican government is helping cause the exodus. A massive storm of repatriating citizens headed back south of the American border would have the crooks running for the hills.

I don’t think the people of Oaxaca are content in a country that does not share the same language and culture. I believe that just like our native American people, they want their home. America’s need for cheap slave labor, drugs and the corrupt US government who cater to it caused this whole mess. Unfortunately anyone who supports the enforcement of immigration laws is considered a racist or a tea Party terrorist.