What will it take?

We vote these career leeches into congress, then they pat us on the ass and thank us for our comments and concerns. Than somehow they manage to slip our wallets out of our pockets. Anyone getting caught pick pocketing by someone would generally get his face punched or getting arrested.

This is what they’re doing. We are their constituents and as Republic, we have representatives in our districts who have to take our comments and concerns regarding bills and spending of our hard earned money. They have to carefully review each and every law they intend to put on the table. They are sworn to the constitution and have to make sure the law is within its guidelines. Of course all of this has to be reviewed and fit in with the rest of the district. None of us can always get what we want. Remember, it’s the guarantee of the pursuit of happiness, not happiness itself.

Either way in most cases this isn’t happening. Personal interest and gain comes into play so many times. Both democrats and republicans do this. Look at Cunningham and Rangel. This is not what our founders had in mind for a Republic. To start with, they are way too over paid. Cunningham plead guilty to tax evasion, conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud, who knows how much more side money he really made.

Rangel misappropriated money from his district by using his professional letterhead to solicit money from people and organisations to donate to the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at City College of New York from corporations with business interests before his Ways and Means Committee. Who really knows how much was obtained and spent on a project the majority of his constituents may not have even wanted?

No matter how noble the cause some may believe a congressional leader is fighting for, the full constituency has to be considered. The past congress’ stole my wallet with the help of Chairman Obama and Bush. I warn this next congress, who at this point looks a little more promising. ” My wallet is connected to a chain and the chain is connected to a personal part of my body, get the hint and don’t touch it. I will have consider that sexual battery.”